The distressing condition of children cannot be set right without sensitizing and involving their immediate stakeholders and making government departments and other government agencies which are legally bound to perform their duties and ensure these children their rights, accountable for their work. The process of sensitization of child’s supportive environment, which includes parents, community members, media, health officers, police and other administrative officials, is aimed at building an environment capable of nurturing and cultivating child’s infinite potential for growth and development. In this realm, SHRS has conceived following activities:

  • Parents Meeting: Parent sensitization meetings are conducted to sensitize parents of SWC about child rights and SWC’s needs of education, health, recreation, etc. They are also made aware about various regulations, statutory agencies, government departments and other organizations related to care and protection of these children.
  • Police Station Visit: The purpose of police station visit is to bring both police and street children on a common platform tounderstand each other and make a serious effort towards removing the unpleasantness in their relationship. On one hand it helps to take out the fear of police from the child’s mind, and on the other, police is sensitized about the deprived SWC and their rights.
  • Police training: Training programs for police are conducted with an aim to realize a child-friendly police in the country. For the better implementation of laws related to children, police need to have an orientation of child psyche, child personality and crime oriented personality of a child. Sensitizing police towards the vulnerability of SWC and their unfulfilled needs and changing the perception of police towards SWC are important objectives of police training.
  • Joining hands with schools: SWC and other children are not treated alike in our society and this prejudice is also found to exist among teachers, which makes the stay of SWC in school even more difficult. SHRS  joins hands with schools to sensitize their staff towards SWC and make their accessibility to school easier.
  • Involvement of govt bodies: Officials of government bodies and institutions like JJB, CWC, Child Rights Protection Commissions, Childline, etc. are sensitized through training programs, meetings and on-the-ground involvement in SWC’s issues.