We, at ‘SAFE HANDS REHABILITATION SOCIETY’ (SHRS), which is a Social Service and Welfare Society based at Chandigarh, are dedicated to the Welfare Services of Differently abled persons affected with Autism, Mental Retardation, Learning Disabilities, Hearing/Visual/Vocal Disabilities & Physically Handicapped, etc. “SHRS” is working full time to enable these ‘Special People’ of the human populace achieve optimal possible capabilities to spend their lives like normal citizens of the society.

            We are putting in special efforts by Organizing Seminars, Workshops and regular classroom sessions to contribute to our Society and by implementing following Programs:

  1. Safe hands help to train and raise the bar for standard of living for children with special needs so that they can also became an important part of social mainstream.
  2. Implementation of ‘Digital Empowerment Programs’ in the rural areas of North India in association with ‘Digital Empowerment Foundation’.
  3. Organizing awareness programs in the areas of Educational upliftment of rural masses, Drug de-addiction, Children & Women Welfare, Computer Literacy, Vocational Education and Skill Development aimed at Self Employment.
  4. Special seminars for the Health promotion of school children by organizing Health Check-up camps and workshops using Biometric and Psychometric technology for the benefit of the students in bracing them up to plan their future career in the best possible manner.
  5. Intensive stress on sports related activities for good health.
  6. Promotion of Forest and Wildlife conservation.
  7. Promotion of Tourism with a special thrust on ‘Adventure Tourism.’