Understand Adult Inner Characteristics, Ability, Hidden Talent & Potential

    • This analysis can be used to identify inner Characteristics, Ability, Hidden Talent & Potential.
    • This analysis can be used for self-evaluation and compatibility with your spouse or business partner.
    • This analysis will disclose strength they have and to direct them to perform well at work.
    • This analysis is preferred for those who will like to make a career change and endeavour to start a new business or pick up new skills.

Understand Child’s Inner Characteristics, Ability, Hidden Talent & Potential

  •  Most of the time parents misunderstand children simply as they are just not aware of their child’s inborn characteristics (inquisitive, disobedient, unrelenting etc.)
  •  To realize and devise an effective way to relate with your child based on the child’s inherent communication style.
  •  To identify and build up a useful interaction method with your child.
  •   Help children in learning effectively.
  •  Reinforces weak points of the child and endow him with an appropriate learning method.
  •  A Kinesthetic learner is fine in expressing their thoughts and feelings using body language and prefers to gain knowledge or learn through process and movement.
  •  A visual learner has quick observation/visual differentiation and prefers to learn through reading and observing things.
  •   An auditory learner likes to learn through oral practice or auditory sense and tries to assimilate, organize and arrange oral information.
  •   To advise parents to position their child in courses where the set of programs suits the child’s inherent learning style.
  •  To remove the ‘trial and error’ state when parents tries to make their child learn something without knowing whether the child will be able to understand.
  •   Every child is unique and holds different genetic talents.
  •  To utilize a proven method (up to 95% accuracy) to make known a child’s hidden potential and both strength and weakness.
  •   To give parents a closer look into their child’s brain and to groom the child effectively and to nurture the talents they possess.
  •   To help parents on focusing on their child’s potency.