Safe Hands Rehabilitation Society (SHRS)

The above lines portray the real picture of children. Children are the true gift of God. They are His unique way to spread happiness ,joy and laughter on this world but due to some reasons, the Great Almighty take away some of their abilities and grant them a special talent or ability to cope with it. Such children, better known as specially abled children, like other normal children have all the basic rights to lead a healthy life .We, through our NGO are trying our level best to raise the bar for standard of living for such strata of population so that they also become an important part of the mainstream. The main motive behind our endeavour is that “every capable one should help the incapable one to become sufficiently capable”. Though it is a very difficult path to follow, but if every one of us give our little bit ,then we can come up with flying colures and help the less privileged class to lead a healthy, happy and better life.

Our Services

We are providing various reports that deal with family, relationships, children’s education, the corporate world and marital life. Some of the key points of each of them are mentioned below:


Early and timely help, Support and professional development, Understand your natural character traits, Plan ahead to ach

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Pre-employment screening, Entrust your employee who has the most potential, Find the right person for the right job, Cre

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Child Report

Understand your child’s natural character traits, Identify best learning style for him/her, Identify his/her innate ta

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